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  • Atlas of Cities

    The Atlas of Cities presents a unique taxonomy of cities that looks at different aspects of their physical, economic, social, and political structures; their interactions with each other and with their hinterlands; the challenges and opportunities they present; and where cities might be going in the future.

    Edited by Paul Knox, with foreword by Richard Florida.

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    Book cover of Atlas of Cities
  • Cities and The Creative Class

    Cities and the Creative Class is a compelling follow-up to The Rise of the Creative Class. Here, Richard Florida outlines how certain cities succeed in attracting members of the ‘creative class’ – the millions of people who work in information-age economic sectors and in industries driven by innovation and talent.

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    Book cover of Cities and the Creative Class
  • The Rise of the Creative Class

    In his modern classic The Rise of the Creative Class, urbanist Richard Florida identifies the emergence of a new social class reshaping the twenty-first century’s economy, geography, and workplace. This Creative Class is made up of engineers and managers, academics and musicians, researchers, designers, entrepreneurs and lawyers, poets and programmer, whose work turns on the creation of new forms. Increasingly, Florida observes, this Creative Class determines how workplaces are organized, which companies prosper or go bankrupt, and which cities thrive, stagnate or decline.

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    Book cover of The Rise of the Creative Class